WDYTYA? location guide: Clare Balding

By Harriet Beadnell, 21 July 2017 - 8:17am

Clare Balding's WDYTYA? journey takes her from the arts scene of 1930s Britain to the founding and building of New York City. Discover the locations that she visited with our handy guide...

Clare Balding traces her Hoagland roots to New York City

Salisbury Museum 

Clare first visits the Sailsbury Museum to explore the Rex Whistler collection. She discovers ephemera proving that the artist was a close friend and possibly even a lover of her Great-Grandfather, Sir Malcolm Bullock.

Port Lympne

Port Lympne Mansion was built in 1913 by the politician and socialite Philip Sassoon. Damian Collins MP tells Clare that her Great-Grandfather visited Sassoon and attended informal parties at the stunning property. The house was designed in the Cape Dutch architecture style and was altered and expanded in the 1920s. It is now home to the Aspinall Foundation Wildlife Park.

Knowsley Hall, Liverpool

Clare visits Knowsley Hall which was the family home of her Great-Grandmother, Lady Victoria Stanley (daughter of the 17th Earl of Derby), to find out more about her marriage to William Bullock and her tragic death. Knowsley Hall is still owned by the Derby family and has recently been restored to its former glory. 

Clare visits her Great-Grandmother's family home of Knowsley Hall in Liverpool 

Kingsclere, Hampshire

To find out about her paternal Grandmother’s side of the family, Clare returns home to the village of Kingsclere in Hampshire. She talks to her Father, the racehorse trainer Ian Balding, to discover that she descends from a long line of horse dealers and trainers. She is inspired to learn more about her Hoagland ancestors who hail from America.

Rumson, New Jersey

Retracing her polo player Great-Grandfather’s journey to America, Clare visits the Rumson Country Club to speak to her Aunt Gail. She later visits the Oceanic Free Library, to conduct some online research about her Hoagland New York connections. 

Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Clare meets Jason Barr in Manhattan, who shows her where her Hoagland ancestors built real estate and resided.

New York Historical Society

To find out where the Hoagland fortune came from, Clare visits the New York Historical Society to view late nineteenth century city directories. Clare finds references to her 3X Great-Grandfather, Joseph C. Hoagland as a manufacturer of baking powder. Founded in 1804, The New York Historical Society is the oldest museum in the city. 

The Brooklyn Historical Society

The Brooklyn Historical Society was founded in 1865, and is partly housed in a stunning building created by George Post in 1881. It is here that Clare uncovers that she is descended from the first Dutch settlers to New York and to the first European woman born in the city, Sarah Rapelje (born in 1625). 


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Clare Balding's unseen WDYTYA? footage
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Clare Balding's unseen WDYTYA? footage
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